Acts & Rules

Directorate of Health Services

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Acts & Rules

Acid Regulations & Supreme Court Order Poison Act/Rules/Gazettes

Supreme Court Order

The Poison Act - 1919

The Poison Act - MP Rules

The Poison Gazette No. 508 dated 31-October-2014

The Poison Gazette No. 218 dated 28-May-2014

The Poison Act - Amendment

Guideline of M.P Govt. dated 16-1-2014

Guideline of M.P Govt. dated 29-1-2014

Compliance of Supreme Court Direction letter No. Med-2 dated 28-4-14

PCPNDT Act                   Award Schemes

M.T.P Act                      Hyper Link to MOHFW

Nursing Home Acts & Rules

Madhya Pradesh Information Technology - Rules-2011

Act to provide for prohibition of assault, criminal force, intimidation and threat against Medical &  Health service persons.

Service Rules / Recruitment Conditions

Revised Recruitment & Service Conditions of Doctors [2007] vide No. 102 dt. 04-03-2016

Recruitment & Service Conditions of Doctors- Gazette [2008]

Recruitment & Service conditions of Nursing Cadre

Recruitment & Service Conditions of Class-iii- Ministerial

Recruitment & Service Conditions of Class-iii- Non-Ministerial  Part-i   Part-ii   Part-iii   Part-iv  

Recruitment & Service Conditions of Class-iii- Non-Ministerial Contract



Gazette No. 51 dt. 31-1-2017

Gazette No. 503 dt. 24-11-2011

Gazette No. 14 dt. 7-4-2006