Directorate [DHS]

Designation Name Responsibilities Tel. Nos. & e-mail ID
Commissioner Dr. Sanjay Goyal [IAS] Commissioner Health Phone: 0755-2441071              Fax : 0755-2571399
Mission Director [NHM] Smt. Chhavi Bhardwaj  [IAS] National Health Mission 0755-4092503

Director [Admin]

Dr. J. Vijaykumar [IAS] Gazetted [A-1],
Non-Gazetted [A-2],
Training [A-8],
Building Division [B-1],
Investment Cell [C-7]


Managing Director,MPPHSCL & C.E.O.[Ayushman Bharat] 


Ayushman Bharat Yojna



RTI Cell [C-2], Appellate Officer, RTI (DHS/Division level)
Vidhan Sabha Cell [C-3],
Co-ordination and Public Grievance redressal [C-5],
Hospital Administration [D-1],
Blood Bank, Model Pathology Lab.,State Blood Transfusion Council [D-2],
V.B.D.C.P [D-4],
Finance, Budget,Audit [F-1]


Additional Director [Administration]  Dr. Kailash Bundela

Non-Gazetted Section[A-2], Office Establishment, Pension Cell, General Section [A-3],
Store [A-4],
Transport [A-5],
Legal Cell [A-7],
Co-ordination and Public Grievance redressal[C-5]

Additional Director Smt. Sapna M. Lovanshi

Gazetted Section[A-1],
Nursing [E-1],
Pre-Service Training Cell[E-2],
Family Welfare [E-3] 0755- 2421284 
Additional Director [Finance] Dr. Rakesh Khare Finance, Accounts, Budget Payment, Audit, Pension [F-1] 0755-2571219
Chief Engineer  Mr. K.C. Ahirwar Building Division [B-1]  
Additional Director I/C Dr. Pramod Kumar Chaturvedi All Commission Cell [C-1],
Public Information Officers,RTI [C-2]
Additional Director I/C Dr. Santosh  Kumar Jain MR/2nd Opinion, State Medical Board[C-6],
Vector Borne Control Programme[D-4],
Joint Director & Add. Project Director, MPSACS Mr. Rakesh Munshi

IT Cell [A-6],
Training [A-8],
Planning & Development, Tribal Health [B-2],
Nivesh [Global Summit], Investment Policy [C-7],
Blood Bank, Model Pathology Lab.,State Blood Transfusion Council [D-2]



Additional Director I/C Dr. (Smt.) Veena Sinha Complaint Section[A-9],
Vidhan Sabha Section [C-3]
Additional Director I/C Dr. Santosh Shukla Medical Council Regulation[C -4],
Public Health [D-3]
Joint Director Dr. Vandana Khare Family Welfare, क्षतिपूर्ति दावा योजना परिवार कल्याण  [E-3]
Joint Director I/C Dr. Upendra Kumar Dubey

Hospital Administration [D-1],  Nodal Officer-India Code Portal,

Executive Engineer 

Mr. Rakesh Garg Building Division [B-1] 0755- 2551498
Dy. Director i/c Dr. B D Khare Gazetted Section,  C.R Cell [A-1]
Dy. Director  Dr. Padmakar Tripathi Office Establishment [A-3],
Medical Council Regulation[C -4]

Dy. Director i/c Dr. Himanshu Jayswar

Transport [A-5],
Vidhan Sabha Section [C-3],
Vector Borne Control Programme [D-4]

Dy. Director i/c Dr. Rajshree Bajaj

Development & Planning, Tribal Health [B-2],
Public Health [D-3]

Dy. Director i/c Dr. Archana Mishra Nursing Cell [E-1] 
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Indrajeet Singh Sikarwar

All Commission Cell [C-1],
Co-ordination and Public Grievance redressal[C-5],
Hospital Administration[D-1],
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Pragya Tiwari

Training [A-8],
Pre-Service Training Cell[E-2],
Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Virendra Kumar Non-Gazetted Section[A-2], 
Legal Cell [A-7]
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Pramod Goyal

 RTI [C-2], State Leprosy Eradication Officer
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Ruby Khan

State Blood Transfusion Council [Technical],Blood Bank, Model Pathology Lab., Blood-Related disorder [D-2], 
Public Health [D-3],

Dy. Director i/c Dr. Archana Pundhir MR/2nd Opinion[C-6]>
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Saurabh Purohit
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Ritesh Tanwar

Hospital Administration,  MedLEaPR - State Nodal Officer [D-1]
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Himani Yadav IT Cell [A-6],
Hospital Administration [D-1],
Dy. Director i/c Dr. Vinod Deshmukh (on Deputation) Complaint, Unauthorized Absent [A-9]  
Legal Advisor  Miss.  Swati Singh Legal Cell [A-7],
Medical Council Regulation[C-4]
 Administrative Officer [DDO] Mr. Anil Mittal DDO Finance
Finance Officer Mr. Arjun Singh Finance & Budget  
Administrative Officer Mr. Prashant Awasthi Procurement
Administrative Officer Mr. Jainendra Kumar Jain Hospital Administration