SOP for Medical Oxygen use and Fire Safety guidelines for observance in Public and Private Hospitals of Madhya Pradeshnb
Regarding Standard Treatment Workflows manual of MoHFW, GOI.
यौन उत्‍पीडन प्रकरणों में भारत सरकार के जारी ‍दिशानिर्देशों का पालन करने के संबंध में-52,dt.07-01-2020
विभिन्न मास्टर्स प्रोग्राम एवं पीजी डिप्लोमा पाठ्यक्रम में प्रवेश हेतु दिशा-निर्देश-535,dt.7-9-2019
विभागीय प्रशिक्षण केन्द्रो, नर्सिंग काॅलेज जी.एन.एम.,ए.एन.एम.एवं एम.पी.डब्ल्यू स्कूल में विद्यालय प्रबंधन समिति का गठन-आदेश एवं दिशा निर्देश-F10-10/19/सत्रह/मेडि-2,dt.17-7-2019
Diagnostics Services - Order & Guideline (Size: 354.2 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
Standard Treatment Guideline - 2016 (Size: 5.94 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
Standard Treatment Guideline - 2014 (Size: 3.65 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
Guidelines and Examination performa for Medico Legal cases of victims of sexual violence
Guidelines & Protocols for victims of Sexual Violence
Reminder for output of 300 contractual Doctors dated 3-6-14
Guideline for work output of 300 Contractual Doctors for Regularization dated 12-3-14
Guideline regarding Monitoring of Prerna Yojna dated 26-4-14
Guideline for AIPGMEE [Pre-PG] 2014-inservice candidates- dated 12-3-14
Guideline for maintenance of Govt. Health institutions & residential buildings dated 17-1-14
Guideline for Local Purchase of Medicine & equipment letter dated 10-10-2013
Cancellation of Leave till 30-09-2013 due to monsoon season dated 3-8-2013
Family Welfare Operations - Financial guideline for Training dated 2-8-2013
Family Welfare Operation Campaign dated 24-7-2013
Alert on epidemic disease during monsoon season dated 18-6-13 [IDSP]
Prerna Abhiyan - Guidelines 2013
SIAF & Bal Hriday Upchar Yojna - Guideline dated 12-7-2013
Guidelines for N.O.C of bonded Doctors - 2013 (Size:  67.3 KB, Format: PDF, Language: Hindi)
Guidelines for CMHO's regarding Administrative control of Districts
Guidelines regarding implementation of Sampark-Sethu [CUG]
Guideline reg. Namkaran of Govt. Building/Public Institutions/Programmes
Deen Dayal Antyodaya Upchar Yojna- Guidelines for successful implementation- letter dated 17-9-12
Guidelines for adoption of child [Cradle Points]
Selection Grade order-Specialist-Guideline
Bima Yojna (Family Welfare) 2011 - Guideline
सेवा निवृत्त चिकित्सकों की सेवाएँ मानसेवी आधार पर लेने बाबत- F-1-4-2010-17-Med-1 dt. 09-02-2010 (Size: 79.1 KB, Format: PDF, Language: Hindi)
Janani Sureksha Yojna- Guidelines - Year 2007
Deputation Guidelines of Officers/Employees of Health Department dated 31-03-2006