Directorate of Health Services

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Application Form for Recognition of Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes & Labs for treatment of State Govt. Employees

Application Form for Inspection of Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes & Pathological Labs

Application Form for State Illness Assistance Fund [SIAF]

Application Form - Right To Information [RTI]

Application Form - Janani Sahyogi Yojna [Accreditation of Private/NGO Hospitals]

Application Form - Disability Certificate

CR Form - Class-i & ii

CR Form - Class- iii

CR Form - Nursing Cadre

CR Channel - Guidelines - Officers & Employees

CR Channel - Guidelines - Nursing Cadre-class-iii

Sending work output of Medical Officers & Specialist vide No. 149 dt. 06-03-2014

Annexure-1 [2012-2013]

Annexure-2 [2013-2014]