No Objection Certificate/Permission Order

Directorate of Health Services

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No Objection Certificate / Permission Orders/ न मांग-न घटना-न जांच- प्रमाण पत्र


NOC/Permission Orders न मांग-न घटना-न जांच- प्रमाण पत्र

January-December 2017

January-December 2017

January-December 2016

January-December 2016

January-December 2015

January-December 2015

January-December 2014


January-December 2013


January-December 2012


Orders & Guidelines

Guideline for N.O.C of bonded Doctors- 2013

General guidelines for bonded Doctors- 2012

Order regarding NOC [completion of bond period of Doctors]

Instructions regarding joining of Bonded Medical Officers - 365

Issue of No Objection Certificate to Bonded Doctors after completion of services

No-Objection Certificate to Bonded Doctors

N.O.C for bonded Doctors - New Guidelines dated 01-09-2012   

Revised letter 25-9-12

NOC for contractual Doctors attending PSC-2013

N.O.C for bonded P.G Doctors - 1 Year - Letter & order