Recovery Orders

  Directorate of Health Services

5th Floor, Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal - 462004




Recovery Order vide No. 1583 dt. 4-9-2018 of Dr. H S Sagar, BMO, of Rs. 98,922/- 

Recovery Order vide No. F-12-08-2018-17-Med-1 dt. 08-08-18 of Dr. Ansuya Gawli of Rs. 3,68,873/-

Recovery Order vide No. F-12-14-2018-17-Med-1 dt. 21-3-18 of Dr. Ashok Sharma of Rs. 8,58,42,035/-


Recovery Order vide No. 1749-809-2016-17-Med-1 dt. 20-7-17 Dr. Girish Chaurasia, CMHO, Chhatarpur

Recovery Order vide No. 13-21-2007-17-Med-1 dt. 28-3-17 - Dr. Zaheda Ziya, Gynecologist

Recovery Order vide No. 601 dt. 28-3-17 - Dr. Archana Shinkwekar, retd. CMHO


Recovery Order vide No. 1295 dt. 19-05-16 Dr.K L Pachoria, MO

Recovery Order vide No. 144 dt. 27-1-16 Dr. Sunil Parashar, MO

Recovery Order vide No. 142 dt. 27-1-16 Dr. Gulab Tiwari, i/c BMO

Recovery against 4th stage/Pravar Pay-Scale vide No. 136 dt. 14-1-16


Dr. Girish Chandra Chaurasia vide No. 3109 dt. 17-12-15

Recovery orders of 27th Aug'2015

Dr. Ashok Sharma vide No. F-1942-2342-2015-17-Med-1 dt. 24-8-15

Dr. Dinesh Kaushal. Dy. Director vide No. 617 dt. 23-2-15

Dr. R S Palod, DDO, vide No. 289 dt. 30-1-15

Dr. B S Maina, CS, Shajapur vide No. 166 dt. 19-1-15


Dr. Ashok Sharma vide No. F-12-14-2008-17-Med-1 dt. 22-11-14

Dr. Yogiraj Sharma vide No. F-12-16-2009-17-Med-1 dt. 18-11-14

Mr. Madhukar Vyas & Mr. Abdul Kayum Khan vide No. 792-w dt. 3-11-14