COVID -19 GoI Orders

COVID -19 Government of India released orders
17.04.2020 Protocol Rapid Antibody test
17.04.2020 Letter to all StatesWhatApp GR
17.04.2020 AS & MD lt to States for COVID facility preparedness
16.4.2020 CSs of States and UTs  usage of tools for COVID 19.pdf
16.04.2020 Tool_2_Case_Load _Healthcare_Infrastructure_Forecasting_Tool_16 Apr_SOP_V1
16.04.2020 Tool No_ 1_Healthcare Infrastructure Gap Analysis at a Peak Load_16 Apr_SOP_V1.0
16.04.2020 District Login - Data Updation in Covid Portal_v2
16.04.2020 D.O._Secy_App_COVID
15.04.2020 MHA order dt 15.04.2020, with Revised Consolidated Guidelines
15.04.2020 Management of recent novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)
15.04.2020 DO letter reg guidelines for crew clearance for COVID 19001
15.04.2020 DO letter AS&MD
15.04.2020 D.O. to States reg. containment of Hotspots
15.03.2020 Lr from JS Policy dates 15.3.20 for support for COVID under NHM
14.04.2020 Letter_Joint Secretary_MSDE
14.04.2020 letter reg. guidance on pooling samples for testing _001
14.04.2020 DO letter from JS,MoHFW
14.04.2020 D.O._Secy_Non Covid essential services
14.04.2020 D.O._Secy_Non Covid essential services Guidence note
13.04.2020 DO letter
11.04.2020 DO letter AS&MD_11 Apr
10.04.2020 DO_AS&MD_Dialysis
10.04.2020 DO_AS&MD_Dialysis Guidelines
10.04.2020 DO letter NTCP
10.04.2020 DO letter AS&MD dated 10th April 2020
10.04.2020 D.O._AS&MD on continuation of Essential Services
08.04.2020 Management of Suspect Cases
07.04.2020 D.O._IDSP vacancy
05.04.2020 DO_JS RCH_PESO_AIIGMA Nodal list
04.04.2020 D.O. _AS&MD_Oxygen supply & therapy with annexures
03.04.2020 Do letter
03.04.2020 DO_ASHA performing essential task_COVID 19
03.04.2020 D.O_Secy_Lab network under ICMR
02.04.2020 DO letter AS&MD NHM
02.04.2020 D.O._designating a health facility as a dedicated COVID 19 Hospital
01.04.2020 Letter to HLL
31.03.2020 letter_Dir. to MD
31.03.2020 Letter reg. Dedicated COVID Hosp. and checklist
28.03.2020 engagement of retired doctors nurses paramedics
28.03.2020 COVID-19
27.03.2020 COVID-19 Guidance note on operationalizing actions at outreach and community level and the role of FLW.
26.03.2020 StandardOperatingProcedureSOPfortransportingasuspectorconfirmedcaseofCOVID19
26.03.2020 COVID Ambulance
25.03.2020 DO NTEP Advisory_26.03.2020
25.03.2020 D.O. Letter regarding BMMP Dashboard of States
24.03.2020 Core_RRT
21.03.2020 COVID-19